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Technology in the Yuma schools
Finally, the management systems used by city, county and state agencies are increasingly Internet-based. … The software that runs our payroll, our human resources systems, and our health insurance is web-based (i.e., run directly off the Internet …
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Another International Lender Pledges No More Coal
Ex-Im is the official export credit agency for the U.S., focused on providing financial support to projects that spur the export of U.S. products and services. … As humans increase atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, oceans absorb some of the …
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NSA goes on 60 Minutes: the definitive facts behind CBS's flawed report
The National Security Agency is telling its story like never before. Never mind whether that story is, well, true. On Sunday night, CBS's 60 Minutes ran a remarkable piece that provided NSA officials, from director Keith Alexander to junior analysts …
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