Meet the Press Transcript – September 7, 2014

Meet the Press Transcript – September 7, 2014
And it's going to require some resources, I suspect, above what we are currently doing in the region–. CHUCK TODD: This is asking Congress for a vote, … But in terms of controlling territory, we're going to have to develop– a moderate Sunni …

Coffee Genome Reveals Why Your Java Smells So Good
Accordingly, a genome sequence could be a significant step toward improving coffee," said Philippe Lashermes, a researcher at the French Institute of Research for Development, in a statement. … When the coffee plant's caffeine-laden leaves fall to …
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We Could Have Stopped This
The outbreak originated in the tropical rain forest of Guinea in December 2013, but local health authorities did not recognize the new disease in humans in the country until four months later. They can be forgiven a slow reaction, as Ebola has never …
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