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Obama in Africa: Symbolism, strategic value
By the end of 2015, it's gross domestic product growth should rise to 4.5 percent and many Africa analysts, including those at the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development, the African Development Bank and the UN Development Program …
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Can Sizwe Nxasana change the fortunes of NSFAS?
Failure of leadership to put in place an effective strategy to collect all revenue due to NSFAS. … Limited human resource and requisite expertise, and the capacity of management and leadership to ensure that the entity meets its mandate in terms of …
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Fighting the resurgence of racism
It was generally agreed that in order to be truly effective in a holistic fight against racism in South Africa, a network of mutually supportive interested parties would need to be developed. The two-day workshop was intended to introduce the idea of …
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Lastest Human Resource Development Strategy For South Africa 2009 News

Diplomatic Access: Timor-Leste
It is between more heterogeneous government systems with different level of economic development in the north and more democratic, homogeneous, and developed countries in the south. Since the restoration of its …. Yet Singapore still has reservations …
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From Food Security to Regional Security: How Community Resilience Can
The landlocked, mostly arid country is also in the eye of the storm of some of Africa's most notable struggles against insecurity: Libya to the north, Nigeria and Niger to the west, the Central African Republic to the south and Sudan to the east …
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Global water crisis causing failed harvests, hunger, war and terrorism
Numerous cities in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia are facing "short and declining water supplies per capita", which is impacting "worldwide" on food production, urban shortages, and even power generation. In this …
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Lastest Human Resource Development Strategy For South Africa News

How to Get Serious About Ending the ISIS War
In fact, great crimes and historic blunders — from Palestine to South Africa to Afghanistan — have been tacitly enabled by people who chose not to take action, perhaps because the situation seemed too complex to engage. When millions of lives are on …
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Washington Drives an “Imperial Wedge” Between Congo and China
The Western model of democracy Congo has inherited is a waste of time, energies and financial resources which could be spent on development. No wonder why Africa remains at the bottom of the ladder. China is able to take decisions quickly without all …
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RGOD2: Women of Faith. Women of Doubt
Composed of several major ecumenical and faith traditions, the Riverside Coalition is seeking to build deeper dialogue on the intersection of health, education and business development with gender and LGBT equality. … Maximillian Ngo Mbe is Executive …
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South Africa's race to space: Could studying Big Bang bring big bucks?

South Africa's race to space: Could studying Big Bang bring big bucks?
As such, new computer software and programs that can pinpoint relevant data and allow humans to interact with it in a simple and time-efficient manner are currently being developed. Given the increasing importance of "big data" collection and analysis …
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Creative industries yet to be fully exploited
The National Human Resource Development Strategy of 2009 is driving and enabling sectors identified as the Creative Industries, together with nine others. The objectives of the committee's workshop were to discuss and share information on issues …
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