Service learning for a better environment

Service learning for a better environment
“These concerns are a threat to human health in cases where a child mistakenly takes prescription medicines which are carelessly disposed of, coupled with potential environment damage if the medicines are disposed of incorrectly into sewer systems …
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How Eni is enlisting IBM's Watson in the hunt for black gold
Defeating two Jeopardy! all-time champions is no easy task. Finding new oil reserves is likely to be far harder, but it could lead to a payout that dwarfs the quiz show's prize pot — the reason why Italy's biggest energy company has turned to IBM's …
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Oman Air conducts interviews for jobs in customer service department

Oman Air conducts interviews for jobs in customer service department
… senior human resources officer at Oman Air stated, “Oman Air has been able to build a reputation as a leading and competitive airline. We are committed to employing citizens. In this new millennium, our mission is to seek new methods and ways to …
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City may extend personal use of police cars
Item 23-14-02 – Authorize the Mayor to sign an agreement with FedMark Solutions, LLC, for consultant services through June 30, 2014, on behalf of the City of Douglasville with the Georgia Emergency Management Agency and the Federal Emergency … with …
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On Academic Labor
Crucially, by not guaranteeing employment, by keeping people hanging on a limb than can be sawed off at any time, so that they'd better shut up, take tiny salaries, and do their work; and if they get the gift of being allowed to serve under miserable …
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