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Detroit Future City Implementation Office Activates 52 Pilot Initiatives in
DETROIT, December 8, 2014 — After activating 52 pilot initiatives in 2014, the Detroit Future City (DFC) Implementation Office has solidified its position as the team local leaders call-on to help strategically coordinate actions and inform decisions …
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GUEST COLUMN: Colorado Springs Manifesto
The current plan, completed in 2001, is outdated e.g., no policy update about annexation, yet plans are underway for an 18,000 acre development on Banning Lewis Ranch. It is unworkable because of lack of resources and conflict on the Council side – all …
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Labor pool vacuum Restless for change Reward talent
My friend Phil says that “to attract and retain critical-skill talent, organizations reporting success in this area take a different approach. “They understand how different employee segments contribute to business success and, in response, develop …
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