Checking in with Redmond's newest educators

Checking in with Redmond's newest educators
… professional development throughout the year. Lynn Evans, Redmond's director of human resources, said this year's cohort of teachers has attended symposiums throughout the year on how to engage students, work with impoverished students and use …
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Education “reformers” resort to Fox News-style scaremongering
That vision stands in contrast to the market-based privatized particularism of neo-liberalism, epitomized by welfare reform, voucher-based systems like Obamacare, charter schools, and for-profit education. “The facts are on our side … The first lie …
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Buy or build workforce apps? It depends.
In fact, agencies looking to launch workforce analytics applications now face a confusing array of products, ranging from modular HR systems from heavyweights such as IBM, SAP and Oracle, to custom Excel-based applications developed in-house or by a …