How much do you value human resources development?

How much do you value human resources development?
According to the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), most companies in developed countries spend more than $ 100 billion annually on employee training, with about 75% spent on in-house learning programmes. Human Resources …
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Schwan: 'Who's Who' talk on workforce development
It seems like as soon as a business leader retires, or a board president's term is up, or an elected official leaves office, that we collectively and quickly find little of value in that person. The invitations to events stop … One of the questions …
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Trickier Time-Off Policies as Employers Test New Ideas
Susan Heathfield, a co-owner of TechSmith, a Michigan software development company, said her company went to the one-bucket system four years ago. … “We saw no value in managers asking adult employees why they were out.” … who may be healthier or …
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