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Obama in Africa: Symbolism, strategic value
By the end of 2015, it's gross domestic product growth should rise to 4.5 percent and many Africa analysts, including those at the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development, the African Development Bank and the UN Development Program …
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Can Sizwe Nxasana change the fortunes of NSFAS?
Failure of leadership to put in place an effective strategy to collect all revenue due to NSFAS. … Limited human resource and requisite expertise, and the capacity of management and leadership to ensure that the entity meets its mandate in terms of …
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Fighting the resurgence of racism
It was generally agreed that in order to be truly effective in a holistic fight against racism in South Africa, a network of mutually supportive interested parties would need to be developed. The two-day workshop was intended to introduce the idea of …
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The Danger of Capitulating to "Settled Science": Cambridge University Press

The Danger of Capitulating to "Settled Science": Cambridge University Press
I found it to be a helpful resource, despite a sometimes condescending tone towards intelligent design. Obviously it's very rare for a book to cover a topic with 100 percent completeness, but I immediately noticed that something important was missing …
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Improve your disaster recovery project management
If your requirements are fairly straightforward, such as developing an incident response plan, a simple one- or two-page project plan document may be sufficient. … For complex projects, a project management software tool can help manage the many …
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The Internet of Things and the Importance of Modeling and Simulation
It can support early evaluation and optimization of designs and ongoing verification as changes occur—to make sure the right product is developed and delivered with the required speed and quality” (IBM website). The human mind is lazily comfortable …
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How Homo Economicus Went Extinct

How Homo Economicus Went Extinct
As human beings who arrogantly and often wrongly consider ourselves “sapiens,” we simply don't match the model of human behavior favored by economists, one that “replaces homo sapiens” (whom Mr. Thaler calls Humans) with “a fictional creature called …
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The Savior Elon Musk
Barely developed in passing is that Tesla likely might not exist without a former State Department official whom Mr. Musk hired to explore “what types of tax credits and rebates Tesla might be able to drum up around its electric vehicles,” which …
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Klaus Tschira, Business Software Trailblazer, Dies at 74
For the next six years he was a systems analyst, taking part in a project in the new field of enterprise software — creating programs for computerizing businesses' day-to-day operations to raise efficiency and cut costs. But IBM lost interest in the …
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